Knirps X1 Compact Umbrella with Case Red

Knirps X1 Compact Umbrella with Case Red

Product code:86-VSTO-PNDT

Neat and tidy in its handy case, this compact umbrella takes up only a tiny amount of space, unfurling in the blink of eye to give you unbeatable protection whenever the clouds burst. The case can be easily attached to a belt loop or backpack, making it the perfect accessory for someone who likes to travel light. Winner of Brand of the Century in 2013 and the Red Hot Design Award, you can always depend on Knirps to deliver a stylish and reliable product that will last for years.

-Manual open/close

-Wind tunnel tested

-Winner of the Design Award

-Smallest umbrella from Knirps

Closed length: 17.5 cm

Canopy diameter: 94 cm

Weight: 280 g

Ribs: 8