Bags and Accessories that Last a Lifetime

Finding the right balance between affordable bags and accessories and those that are built to last is not easy. These days, many of the products on the high street are throwaway fashions that are good for a season and then have to be discarded. But the idea of all that waste, and wasted money, doesn’t sit well with us.

Why can’t there be high quality, affordable bags and accessories that can last a lifetime? We’ve turned our back on the stack ‘em high, sell ‘em low mentality to curate an exclusive range of products that are fashionable but appease your inner environmentalist, and are affordable but are built to last.

Welcome to For-Keeps.

Making every day better

Every one of our products has been designed to make an everyday situation better – with the aim of being more practical and more intelligent than the alternatives. That includes everything from beautiful carriers that keep on carrying, holdalls you can be proud of and umbrellas that can handle everything the UK can throw at them without turning inside out!

Your home is an extension of yourself, so we’ve curated a stunning collection of homeware products that make life easy and brighten up your day. Whether it’s timeless storage to keep your space clear of clutter or premium quality brushes and brooms, everything is designed with practicality and passion.

Delivered with love from the For-Keeps family

We aim for simplicity in everything we do. That’s why the service you receive at For-Keeps is straightforward and uncomplicated. Behind the scenes, we have an exceptional team of dedicated staff who are always happy to help and an excellent returns policy to ensure a hassle-free experience every single time.